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Alternative Power Controllers

Presented by Rick Heenan, National Sales Manager, DIG Corporation


Mr. Heenan is currently the National Sales Manager of DIG corporation's Commercial Division. He is an active member of multiple industry associations such as ASIC, ASLA, and the CLCA. Rick has participated in educational seminars through the IA such as Drip irrigation in the Landscape. Previous to working with DIG, Rick was Sales Manager with Galcon and Hydronic Systems.

Course Title: Alternative Power Controllers

Course Description: This course will define alternative power controllers and give the history and background of these controllers. Mr. Heenan will also explain important considerations when installing these controllers. He will define battery powered, solar powered and ambient powered controllers. Find out about when alternative powered controllers make sense to use and which technology is best for the application. Finally, Mr. Heenan describes what is new in this technology - Smart Controllers, Wireless systems, and Radio communication, and gives installation and maintenance tips when using Alternative Powered Controllers.

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