11-15-19 | News

Advancing Peace through Design

Innovative Bench Will Reside at Nobel Peace Center

The Norwegian architecture firm that designed the "Peace Bench," SnA,hetta, aims to "create lasting symbols."

The UN Headquarters Plaza in New York City was recently the temporary home of the "peace bench," a six-and-a-half meter-long installation made from anodized aluminum, commissioned by the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway, designed by Norwegian architecture firm, SnA,hetta and created in partnership with aluminum manufacturer Hydro and Vestre, a carbon-neutral outdoor furniture manufacturer.


The bench was designed as a partial circle that meets the ground at its lowest point: the gentle arc of the bench pulling those sitting on it closer together.

"We believe in using design as a tool to create lasting symbols that foster fruitful communication," says SnA,hetta founder Kjetil TrA?dal Thorsen.

After its stay at the U.N., the bench was transferred to its permanent location near the Nobel Peace Center.

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