07-05-19 | Legislation
Louisiana Passes Infrastructure Bill
Nearly $1.5 Billion

Louisiana Passes Infrastructure Bill

Stormwater management is a critical part of the infrastructure in Louisiana due to the high frequency of rain and flooding such as the storm in August of 2016 that dumped trillions of gallons of water on the southern part of the state.

A 2019 capital outlay bill was recently signed into law in Louisiana with total funds of almost $1.5 billion for infrastructure building and restoration projects throughout the state.

Gov. Edwards, who signed the bill, indicated to KADN/KLAF News 15 from Lafayette, Louisiana that the funds would be used for road and highway construction, education facilities and coastal restoration projects that will help communities grow, and improve the lives of his constituents.

For instance, more than $300 million was targeted for the Department of Transportation and Development, nearly $30 million was set aside for airport infrastructure improvements, $94 million was earmarked for roads and bridges, almost $40 million will go to improve water infrastructure, $31 million for sewer and wastewater projects, $246 million for to construct education facilities and $53 million will go into the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority's budget.

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