This controller can control up to: 1 pump, 1 flow meter, 1 pressure meter, 1 camera with pan-tilt (optional), 2 moisture sensors and 1 valve (optional). This system can control up to 4 wired irrigation zones, each zone up to 2 moisture sensors and 1 valve, each zone can work independently. Can control extensible screen rolling machine. Support 1 camera with pan-tilt to collect field pictures either by demand or timer. Can install pressure meter or pressure switch for each valve to report real time valve open/close status. Through WIFI/3G/4G to realize remote field monitoring. Through WIFI or 4G, the cell can remotely monitor and control the system by mobile APP or browser.

WIFI/3G/4G General Irrigation Controller, Model: GG-008A | Controllers - Wireless Activation

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