The Carrousel Pump®, U-Blend Mixers®, and related spray equipment are capable of pumping epoxy grouts, heavily bodied materials, and re-grouting mortar joints and also spraying fireproofing, waterproofing, EIFS, artificial rock work, stucco, and other commercial coatings. If you have a specific requirement, Quikspray® will build a custom unit for your application. They are known for being well designed and constructed, time tested in the field, simple to clean, and offering ease of operation with low or no maintenance. The U-Blend Mixer® is specifically designed to allow lower dumping heights for a variety of containers that eases operator fatigue. Many of the top landscaping rock/water scape formulas are created using larger aggregates as well as reinforcing fibers. The venturi design of the 8-airjet gun also helps the product to be pumped, as it creates a negative pressure or suction, which allows for a very smooth spray flow.

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