The Heavy Duty 2" ID Carrousel Pump was designed for the spraying/ pumping of epoxy or cement grouts and shotcrete markets. This 2" ID Carrousel is furnished with a detachable 100 gallon hopper and custom hoppers are available with several configurations allowing for different mixer configurations. The unit pictured is powered by a low speed/high torque hydraulic motor, but 220/440 VAC electric motors and controls are also available. Skilled and unskilled personnel find the Carrousel Pump a dream to operate. Fibered or aggregated formulas are easy to pump with this squeeze pump and the Carrousel can run dry indefinitely without damage, unlike the progressive cavity pumps or rotor/stator pumps. Because of its peristaltic design, this is the easiest pump to clean and maintain. Simply flush system with water or solvent and pump several foam balls or cleaning pigs through the Carrousel Pump, and it is clean!

Heavy Duty Carrousel Pump | Fountains - Rock and Stone

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