The Superior 1000 Series is an electric valve with forward flow design, engineered with chemical resistant components to ensure consistent valve operation for any recycled water application. The Superior 1000 Recycled Water HCR™ Diaphragm carries a 10 year warranty. Available in 3/4" to 3" sizes. Recycled Water HCR™ Diaphragm offers enhanced durability. Manual internal bleed ball valve allows for quick and easy water bleed downstream. Heavy Duty Copper Tubing provides added protection against ripping and tearing. Self-cleaning filter and metering rod prevent debris from entering the inlet orifice to diaphragm chamber. Two-Piece Diaphragm Assembly with Superior Shield™ assembly offers protection by removing the diaphragm from flow path. Stainless Steel internal metal components are corrosion resistant. Purple Cross Handle comes standard to identify valve as a carrier of recycled water. Complete Recycled Water Solution!

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